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Path Analyzer Pro

Path Analyzer Pro Installation Help


In the case of Windows or MacOS X platforms, Path Analyzer Pro ships with an automated installation program that will configure and install the software on your system. You may be asked for your password or the password of a user with "administrator" authority during installation. This credential is not stored by PAPro and is merely used to enable the installer to write the program files to the appropriate directories on the file system and to grant the program permission to use raw sockets.

Removal / Uninstallation

Removing PAPro is a simple task, but the procedure is customized to each platform on which PAPro runs.

Removing software on Apple Mac OS X
On the MacOS X platform, simply locate the "Path Analyzer Pro" folder inside the Applications folder (it may also include a version number (e.g., "Path Analyzer Pro 2.0") and then drag it to the Trash. Next time you Empty your Trash, this will completely remove the software.

Removing software on Microsoft Windows
On the Windows platform, run the Add or Remove Programs applet inside the Control Panel. Select the "Path Analyzer Pro" software package (it may also include a version number (e.g., "Path Analyzer Pro 2.0") and then click on Remove or Uninstall. This will execute an automated removal procedure that will completely remove the software and all of its components.

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Supported Platforms

Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit

Microsoft Windows 2003 Server

Microsoft Windows XP

Apple MacOS X 10.5-10.7

Universal Binary
Mac version requires Mac OS X v. 10.5 - 10.7.
Windows version requires Windows XP, Vista or Windows 2003 Server.

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