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Path Analyzer Pro

Path Analyzer Pro Background Information

This collection of articles, slideshows, and other materials will give you information on the background of traceroute and VOSTROM's layer four traceroute tool, leading into the modern rendition of Path Analyzer Pro.

Presentations on how traceroute works, the genesis of LFT, etc.

Layer Four Traceroute (LFT), WhoB, and Associated Tools
Slideshow, circa 2005
A brief slideshow explaining how "modern" Internet path analysis can be performed. It discusses how the popular traceroute software works, how LFT software (and Path Analyzer Pro) improves path analysis and provides additional valuable information, etc. The slideshow provides an overview of LFT, WhoB, and much of the Prefix WhoIs Project.
AUDIO: Download the audio/spoken portion of this presentation in MP3 format. WARNING: The comfort pauses have been removed to speed up the presentation, so parts of it may sound accelerated or compressed. 24.8 MB

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