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Path Analyzer Pro

Path Analyzer Pro Features & More Information

Path Analyzer Pro is the world's most advanced, user-friendly traceroute tool

Most route-tracing tools are merely pretty faces atop a traditional traceroute program. Path Analyzer Pro uses the most advanced path discovery engine available today and adds unique features such as firewall detection and traversal*, multi-metric hop analysis, stunning graphical visualizations, report generation/printing/export, and much more.

People use Path Analyzer Pro to:

  • Research IP addresses, e-mail addresses, and network paths
  • Pinpoint and troubleshoot network availability and performance issues
  • Determine what ISP, router, or server is responsible for a network problem
  • Locate firewalls and other filters that may be impacting your connections
  • Visually analyze a network's path characteristics
  • Graph protocol latency, jitter and other factors
  • Trace actual applications and ports, not just IP hops
  • Generate, print, and export a variety of impressive reports
  • Perform continuous and timed tests with real-time reporting and history

Features At-a-Glance

  • Up to 20 times faster than traditional traceroute
  • Stunning report generation and export to impress your colleauges
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface for Windows and MacOS X
  • Vivid charts make network problems obvious
  • Map-based location of IP addresses with zoom, pan, and details
  • Charts and graphs take the guess-work out of performance testing
  • Law enforcement specific features including e-mail address tracing
  • Automatic detection of filters, stateful firewalls, and other anomalies
  • One-time or extended-duration testing for performance analysis
  • Min, max, avg, and standard deviation measurements for each protocol
  • Resolves autonomous system numbers (ASN) based on real-time routing
  • and the features go on and on!

Technical Advantages over Competitors

  • True layer-4 path discovery using TCP,UDP,ICMP (trace protocol paths, not just IP hops)
  • Runs beautifully and natively on both Windows and MacOS X
  • Advanced graphical analysis of path characteristics, not just points on a map
  • Numerous graphing/charting styles and reports to generate/print/export
  • Multi-threaded in all the right places for speed and multiple concurrent sessions
  • NO JAVA RUNTIME REQUIRED (developed using C/C++)
  • ASN and network resolution based on actual Internet routing, not old/inaccurate data from network registrars
  • Choice of data/network/whois resolution sources
  • Software personalization allowing the user to set many preferences

* Firewall traversal capabilities are dependent on network configuration and user savvy

Supported Platforms

Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit

Microsoft Windows 2003 Server

Microsoft Windows XP

Apple MacOS X 10.5-10.7

Universal Binary
Mac version requires Mac OS X v. 10.5 - 10.7.
Windows version requires Windows XP, Vista or Windows 2003 Server.

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